Friday - March 29, 2019
Week 13

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7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Ubuntu - Scheide Music Center - Gault Recital Hall, Scheide Music Center - Lobby, Security

Ubuntu is the annual spring event organized by the African Student Union. It welcomes all students, faculty and staff on the College of Wooster campus, to a showcase of African culture through, music and dance, fashion, poetry, storytelling. This year, Ubuntu promises a bigger and better event that features collaborative performances with students from other multicultural groups on the campus. 

In the lobby, they will need 2 8’ tables in an L shape where three African Student Union artists from Denison and OSU will be displaying their African inspired goods that will be available for sale. Two of these students will be displaying their unique fashions and the third will be displaying African jewelry. There will be 2 additional 8’ tables that will display African artifacts from Douglass Basement.

 The fashion designer will set up a clothing rack with fashions that will be worn during the modeling showcase in the stage right wing. The models will have the use of the hallway to change their clothing between walks. *The models are willing to walk barefoot, if dress shoes are a cause of concern on the stage. The hallway parallel to stage right will be blocked off by free standing pipe and drape or portable wall. There will be no food or beverages at the event so as not to make a mess in the lobby. ASU will form a clean up committee that will ensure the space is returned to the state that it was found in, and the leadership of ASU will stay behind and inspect the committee’s work.

Cornelius Gyamfi, President of ASU, works for trucking and is aware of the expectations about returning a space to the state that it was found in. He is very familiar with Scheide. Ibra Sene, Advisor of ASU, will be present at the event. Darlene Piper and or Kim Green are also willing to go and supervise the students, if need be.